Give yourself some time to settle

After passing your driving test, you can’t start driving like a pro. This is because you need the confidence to drive on the highway or on a busy road. This confidence comes with time. Hence, try to be on quieter roads with your vehicle and learn from your experience.

Just like many other skills, the most feasible way to gain confidence at anything is to continue practicing it over and over. The case is similar when it comes to driving, as you have to drive as often as possible. In addition, you also need to practice driving in different situations to familiarize yourself with all types of driving conditions.

Start with your local streets; memorize every turn and bump by driving through them every day. Choose a time when the streets are less busy. Even if you don’t have to go anywhere, just make it a habit to take out your car and drive it for 10-15 minutes.

After that, get out on to the highway when it’s not as busy. Once you feel comfortable driving at high speeds, you can try taking your car on the highway during rush hour. The most challenging scenario is driving at night.

During these practice sessions, make sure to try to park your car at different parking spots. It will enhance your confidence to park your vehicle anywhere. Once you are confident enough to deal with the varying road conditions, try to go out during busy hours like early morning and lunchtime.

Furthermore, you should practice driving after sunset within your streets and close-by roads. This will help you to know how it feels when driving with your car lights on. Since it’s dark, you need to judge the road and distance from approaching vehicles.

All these skills come with practice. Furthermore, you must also think about driving in almost any weather condition. For instance, you must think about taking out your vehicle when it is raining; it will give you the confidence to drive even during heavy showers.

The best and simplest way to improve your confidence in driving is to practice. If you continue to drive daily, you will get to know new things about driving techniques. The more you get on the road, the more confidence you will get.

Memorize your Route

If you have recently learned how to drive, it is essential to know your route before leaving your home. It is the biggest challenge to drive your car attentively if you are searching for a particular location. Experienced drivers can handle this issue easily, but a new driver may lose confidence.

This is the simplest thing that you can do to improve your confidence in driving. You have to learn about the basics of your car. Knowing your car ensures that you stay confident while driving.

Furthermore, when you need to feel comfortable, it is essential to know your car inside and out. It is necessary to master all the controls. When you familiarize yourself with all the buttons and switches, you can concentrate on your driving.

For instance, you need to know precisely where the headlight switch is and where the indicator button is. Similarly, you must know where the hazard lights are and how to use the windscreen washer.

Moreover, you must take a walk around your vehicle to know its size and dimensions. By doing so, you can make better judgments while parking your vehicle at busy parking places. If you are familiar with your car, it will be more fun to drive it. In fact, you won’t feel any stress or pressure while handling your vehicle.

Make a good first impression

Do you know that we form an opinion within 30 seconds of meeting a person? Yes, that’s as long (or in this case as short) as it takes to grab your audience’s attention: 30 measly seconds. (Heck, even instant noodles take longer than that to cook!)

But this is great news for the prepared speaker. If you can “nail it” for that first 30 make-or-break seconds, you are more likely to have your audience in your pocket and enjoy a rewarding session. Now this doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

  • Dress comfortably. Like it or not, looks do matter, not (only) to others, but to our your own self. If you’re undressed for the occasion, you’re likely to feel less confident and miss that grand first-impression. So dress up to suit yourself (and not just the occasion).
  • Wear your most disarming smile. We all have them, the one that genuinely crinkles our eyes. This is the best suit you can wear no matter what the occasion.
  • Make appropriate eye contact. Eye contact invites trust. Enough said!
  • Bring out that deep voice: Okay, we’re kidding here, coz not all of us are blessed to sound like a commanding George Clooney! But you’re still likely to have “that voice,” that pitch-perfect tone and pace that scream “confidence,” even as you appear friendly. Practice before a mirror until you get it right.

Use your face and body to support your voice speaking

The success of your public speaking stint depends on the final cohesive message you send. This comes as much from your body language, tone and facial expressions as it does from the words you speak. So again practice in front of a mirror until so your body language appears natural and comfortable, and your facial expressions resonate with your voice (signaling confidence, conviction and clarity).

Even the most renowned orators are known to have a misstep or two in their long public speaking career. It’s not so much that you made a mistake that puts off the audience, it’s how quickly you get back on your feet that matters. If you can brush away your mistake with a joke or two, or even gracefully accept it before moving on, your audience will be more than willing to forgive you. Forgive yourself first, and the audience will continue to love you.


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