Welcome to Miami, or at least a piece of Miami. The Lead Miami Beach is your go-to resource for anything and everything to do with the most famous city in Florida. We discuss all topics that relate to the city, including, but not limited to politics, health, sports, music, celebrities, and more.

We cover the local news and what’s happening in all neighborhoods. We cover health and how it is affecting the community. We cover the music scene so that you know what’s trending and who the new upcoming artists from Miami are. We also write features on the best places to go to. We cover openings and exhibitions. Basically, anything and everything happening in Miami will be covered here.

The Team

The team is composed of Miami locals who know everything about the city. They use their connections to learn what’s new and what’s hot in Miami. They vary in profession and that is why we have such a diverse set of topics. We have music experts, foodies, journalists, and so many more individuals who know the heart of Miami.


We have all types of contributors, including writers who cover events and interviews of Miami locals. With this super team of authors, you can expect Miami news and coverage that are new and unique. Our editors are also a huge part of the team because they help the writers discuss their topics in great detail for your convenience.