There are many things that we find funny in this world – but diabetes is not one of those. More and more people are diagnosed with this illness – and it keeps getting worse because people don’t know how to beware of bad advice.

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No one wants to get diabetes, like Bob probably did. This is why you should treat this article like a pamphlet (at points), understanding the thing you have to avoid so that you don’t get diabetes. Now that that’s settled, here’s some advice given that may cause people to get diabetes.

  1. Skip Breakfast

Many patients have gone to their doctor and told them that they believed skipping breakfast would aid in managing their blood sugar levels. However, there’s actually a study that proves that wrong: skipping breakfast will only raise your blood sugar levels.

It’s actually regular snacking and meals that help keep it under control. So, if you want to get diabetes, by all means, make a habit of skipping breakfast.

 2. Avoid All Fat

Grandma told grandpa, which told mom, which told dad, that fat has too many calories, which is why people with diabetes should beware of it. However, not all fats are bad.

For example, avocados have good fats and a low glycemic load – making them perfect to keep your blood sugar levels normal. Granted, if you want to get diabetes or make your condition worse, keep eating juicy fries, fatty steaks – and processed fatty foods. That’s a surefire way of getting diabetes.

3. Avoid the Carbs

Now that they’ve said you should avoid the fats, here comes the next one: you should avoid the carbs as well. Carbs, particularly the slow-digested and high quality ones (while grains, veggies, fruits) can prevent fluctuations in your glucose levels. So take these out, and you have a good chance of getting diabetes.

However, don’t splurge on unhealthy carb products (white bread, pasta, and so on) either. Not only will this bring you on the brink of obesity if you just “treat yourself,” but it will also cause you to get diabetes.

4. Go on the Paleo Diet

Eating unprocessed food such as meat, eggs, seafood, seeds, nuts, veggies, fruit, and oil; this can’t go wrong, can it? Well, yes and no. In moderation, this diet is not that bad – but at the same time, it also excludes dairy, legumes, grains, and potatoes – thing that a person with diabetes should have in their diet. Without them, their glucose level will fluctuate continuously. So, if you want to risk diabetes, by all means, stay on the paleo diet for all your life.

5. Live a Sedentary Life

“I have diabetes, I can’t do too much effort.” This is what many people believe – that if you are ill, you can’t do too much effort. Here’s a news flash: if you don’t exercise at all, your chances are gaining body weight are high – and so are your chances of getting diabetes, for the matter. So, if you want to get diabetes, you should definitely take the elevator, avoid the stairs – and completely disregard the idea of exercising at least 20 minutes a day.

6. Splurge in Alcohol

One glass, five glasses, what’s the difference? If you drink one glass of alcohol per day, you will only lower your chances of getting diabetes by 37% compared to someone who drinks more – so why bother? Drink to your heart’s content; that’s a surefire way to get diabetes.

7. Eat a Lot of Desserts

This is certainly a classic – and it’s probably the most common way of getting diabetes. See that big, sugar-clad chocolate cake sitting on the table? Never mind your figure; eat it all up! Excessive sugar consumption is linked to most cases of diabetes – so if you want to get diabetes (which you shouldn’t) eat up all the sweets that you can.

8. Eat a Lot of Processed Food

It’s easier to go to the supermarket and buy processed, easy-to-eat food instead of cooking up your own meals. However, this means you will have a spike in your blood sugar level – which can heighten the risk of getting diabetes.

9. Eat a Lot

Your food is relatively healthy – so if you eat three portions instead of one, it shouldn’t make any difference, right? Well, too much food leads to weight gain – ad weight gain certainly increases your chance of getting diabetes.

11. Don’t Eat Fish

Fish is icky, why should you eat that? It’s not like fish can balance your cholesterol levels and bring your blood sugar to a normal – so it won’t make any difference if you skip the 6-9 ounces recommended per week. So skip the fish; it will make your chances of getting diabetes much higher.

So, you want to steer clear of diabetes? By reading the bad advice from above, you’ll know how to apply the good ones.

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