The American Football is today one of the games you would not want to miss. The game has grown to become one of the most fun to attend. Given the many joyful circumstances, the American Football is common for one thing, the entry song. Some call it the fight song, some the pump-on song. However, not all of them make to the best of NFL’s entry songs. Some, however, make it to the list as the best of the super bowl as follows:

The Miami Dolphins, Fintown Anthem

In 2017, the Miami Dolphins wanted to maintain the tempo in their games. A previous season of 9 out of 11 games was quite applauded. The Fintown song was the first choice towards keeping the team motivated. The song by Solo D as the coach termed it was a warning to what was in store for all of the teams in the east AFC. A sign that the Miami Dolphins is ready for them with a beating, thanks to new additions like Jay Cutler and the return of DeVante Parker.  Fintown is regarded as one of the best songs of entry into the NFL.

Steelers, Here We Go

Quite out of date but Pittsburg went for it. The song is a steady rocker and has undergone lyrical updates for the past two decades. A line in the song talks about going to the touchdown and that anyone that will get in the way will be knocked around. Not many believe in the line, but it did hold up for the Pittsburgh Steelers for a long time.

Detroit Lions, Fight Song

The Lions Fight Song espouses that honor wins you fame. The song is far quite irrelevant for a football entrance song but with the Rah! Rah! Rah! in the middle. The Detroit Lions boys feel quite connected to the fun the song brings to them. The sense of strength and the need to win could be all they are looking for in the song.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Fly Eagles Fly

Some could relate it to a baby song, but fly eagles fly just as it sounds been for a while one of the best super bowl entry songs.  It is a good thing to the team, as most if not all that attend an Eagles game know the lines of the song. Such is a sense of loyalty and the need to make the fans proud and happy.

The Oakland Raiders, the Autumn Wind

All poetic the song starts with a spoken word feel. The song comes with a badass feeling and is not far from what one could term as a fight song. The Raiders have not had a fair ride in their past, and the game could be bringing the energy they are looking for. Hopefully, the song is giving the Raiders the fighting spirit they seek, the pirates’ constitution.

Chicago Bears, Bear Down, Chicago Bears

One of the best of Super bowl’s entry is the Bear Down song. The song comes with some element of history. Well, fight, and war cannot be separated from history. Maybe the Chicago Bears are motivated by history; the song tells it all. The lyric, We’ll never forget the way you thrilled the nation is a masterpiece and the reason they could have chosen the song.



New Orleans Saints, When the Saints Go Marching in

Heard of this song? It could be the most common of songs, quite religious. The familiarity with the song by fans from more than one team is magical. So far, one of the best of the super bowl as many fans can easily relate to it. The song is a source of encouragement, a way of getting the missing piece of the puzzle for the Saints. It has created the mood as the saints are matching in.

Buffalo Bills, Shout Song

It is all shouts as the Buffalos have filled the song with “Bills” that the song brings to the floor an RnB feel. A excellent way to start a game. The high spirits it brings could be the magic behind the Buffalos good play. It is an all-encouraging fight song and a pump up song to feel the players with courage as they match to war.

Nothing goes so well with football fans like the entry song. Each team has its own. From the above list of the best entry songs for football teams, you can easily conclude that the best songs go for the best teams and the best teams go for the best entry songs.


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